Our Story

As a trained podiatrists and healthcare professionals, Andrea believes we can achieve this in a warm, and collaborative way.  Podiatry as a profession has grown on so many levels and as podiatrists we have continued to evolve in the provision of our care.  This is truly exciting as we are continually challenging our learnings and keeping current in our thinking.

WPG originally Simpson and Fulton Podiatrist has been a successful business since 1996. We are deeply rooted in the community, recognising the growing need for quality podiatry care in SW Victoria, the regional footprint of WPG has expanded to include additional clinics in Hamilton, Port Fairy and Heywood.

Warrnambool is a regional town that services a large catchment area.  The specialists Warrnambool has attracted is a credit to the health care system and the local community. 

WPG  has created strong links with our health community and while not all under the same roof are able to work collaboratively for the best health outcomes for our clients.

WPG has contributed positively to our client’s health journeys in helping them achieve their goals.  We believe strongly in staying true to what is important, and our business vision remains clear- leading authentically with our hearts and minds wide open.

Our team will work with you as your story is important to us. Leaving with clarity and a feeling of being heard ensures a management plan that is achievable. Our curious minds steer us to exploring the complexities and realities of what it means to be a human.

Our strong group of senior podiatrists believe the future of podiatry is only as strong as the up coming podiatrists, and WPG takes an active role in supporting the profession with development opportunities for final year students each year to provide them with an insight into private sector. 

Our team’s development professionally and personally is a huge part of our story now and into the future this growth is both an individual and a collaborative journey.  Quarterly we look forward to our “cuddle” which is a time we come together as a group to strengthen our relationship and explore new ideas and themes.

We do not have a “cookie cutter” approach to our teams’ growth and exploration of our wellbeing instead we have our mentor Kit who has a degree in positive psychology and a background in physiotherapy as a permanent fixture on our landscape.

To guide a diverse team and a large clinic like ours to where each of us want to go and explore the people we want to show up as we believe you can’t just wait for this to happen it needs our curious minds but also needs an authentic leadership style to delve into the layers and support each team members story.

Our future remains bright our story is evolving, our fabric is layered and complex which make us WPG.

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