Client Experience Team

Lucy Arnott


Lucy has worked in reception and administration roles for close to two decades and is thrilled to be a part of the team at Warrnambool Podiatry Group.  Lucy loves working in the allied health field and particularly loves getting to know all the wonderful patients at WPG.

In her personal life, Lucy cherishes time with her husband and two boys and loves brunching with her girlfriends. Her perfect weekend would consist of market strolls, live music and true crime podcasts.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Sunday sleep- ins! A rarity with little kids though.

What is your favourite movie?

So hard! I love movies…but The Sound of Music and Almost Famous would be right up there.

Three people you would like to meet?

Maggie Dent, Dave Grohl and the anonymous host of the Casefile podcast.

Why do you love working at WPG?

The team culture is amazing and everyone is incredibly supportive of one another. Seeing everyone genuinely celebrate each other’s achievements is unique and great to be a part of.

What do you love about living in our region?

There is so much to love but the wonderful community and stunning coastline top my list.

Favourite place in the world?

I’m yet to travel to many places on my bucket list, but I do love a holiday to Port Douglas or the Sunshine Coast! A short flight, great seafood, lots of family to visit and warm weather make them the perfect destinations for our family holidays.

Jess Miller


Jess is an avid animal lover, any animal any colour, fluff or no fluff. (its a shame her partner won't let her adopt more pets)

In her spare time you'll find Jess in the kitchen baking or experimenting with all sorts of foods or at the beach with her dog. 

What is your guilty pleasure?

Espresso Martini's

What is your favourite movie?

This would be the hardest question to answer, however I enjoy comedies and love a good scary horror movie. 

Name three people you would love to meet?

Amy Winehouse– her music is just beautiful.

Bradley Cooper - not only is he a great actor, he is a family man and a humble guy who is a part of many organisations and charities close to my heart.  

Wil Wagner - lead singer from The Smith Street band, his lyrics are so fascinating.

Why do you love working at WPG?

The reputation the business has built to be full of love enthusiasm and make clients feel apart of the WPG family. The values of WPG are shown throughout the clinic every day and I love being apart of such an amazing group of people.

What do you love about living in our region?

I have lived in Warrnambool for 5 years now; here are a few reasons why I stay; 

  • The beaches 
  • The fantastic local foods 
  • The beautiful walking tracks 
  • The community spirit and events 
  • The love the community has for wildlife and animals 

Where is your favourite place in the world?

I have travelled overseas many times; seen so many different places and experienced so many cultures. 

My favourite place would still have to be any where with the ones I love the most or anywhere I can take my dog 😊

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