Bunions (Hallux Abductovalgus) are a common foot condition treated by our Podiatrists. The hallux (big toe) plays an integral role during gait and as such it is common for people to experience pain as the position of toe changes and the joint degenerates. Those with bunions usually seek our advice when they are experiencing pain, they are having trouble fitting into shoes or they are worried about the look of the toe.

Bunions are often heredity but can be exacerbated by inappropriate footwear and biomechanical factors. Secondary changes can also occur in the lesser toes (e.g. hammertoes) and changes to the big toe joint can contribute to overload in other areas of the foot causing pain.

Most people like to try all conservative options before considering surgical intervention. These options may include splints, orthotics and footwear modifications.

Our team will conduct a thorough assessment of your feet and how they function and develop an appropriate bunion management plan for you.

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