Blister Mangagment

We’ve all had a foot blister and would all agree how debilitating they can be.  The best case scenerio is that we are able to prevent a blister from occurring in the first place and our team can assist you in developing a blister prevention plan before your next marathon or hike.

Tips for blister prevention:

  • Footwear – ensure your shoes are properly fitted and are appropriate for your activity
  • Socks – Technical socks (such as Thorlos, Experia, Lightfeet, Steigen) are best at keeping your skin dry and reducing friction. Make sure they fit well. Ensure you change your socks regularly.
  • Shoe-lacing techniques – there are lacing techniques which can help reduce shearing forces.
  • Blister patches – We love Engo blister products and stock them at our clinic. These patches are added to your footwear in ‘hot spot’ areas to reduce shearing forces.
  • Taping, padding etc - Taping of ‘hot spots’ can be helpful to reinforce the skin and reduce shearing forces. Padding the feet to offload ‘hot spots’ can also be used and silicone toe sleeves can be helpful.

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