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CAM boots are able to immobilize your foot and keep you mobile while healing a fracture or debilitating soft tissue injury. 


CAM boots are lightweight, hygienic, and have a role in bone and musculoskeletal injury treatment plans.

Our team is qualified at implementing CAM boots and braces into your treatment plan which have the sole purpose of immobilizing the foot to enable an injury to rest or heal.

We stock and have access to a full range of OPED and OPAL boots.  These boots offer comfortable immobilization for injuries such as:

  • Navicular fracture

  • Metatarsal fracture

  • Achilles rupture

  • Severe sprains

  • Post-surgery rehabilitation

  • Ankle fractures

  • Dorsal interosseous midfoot compression syndrome

  • Calcaneus fracture

  • Plantar plate ruptures

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