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Inappropriate footwear choices can lead to a variety of foot pathologies.  As Podiatrists, we are qualified to give advice about and fit all types of footwear. 


We always assess your footwear as a part of our initial comprehensive assessments to determine its suitability to your foot type and activity.

When we develop management and rehabilitation plans, footwear is always an important part of the puzzle. We can assess your footwear and refer on to specialist footwear retailers for fitting new shoes when needed.

  • Work Shoes – nurses, retail, hospitality, tradespeople

  • School Shoes – we have a presence in local footwear stores during the back-to-school period each year to give advice to children and parents

  • Running Shoes – advice re: features, mileage, surfaces

  • Walking Shoes – for casual use, daily walking, hiking, travel

  • Sports Shoes – football, netball, basketball, tennis, golf.

Each year we produce a football boot and netball shoe review on our blog prior to the season commencing.

Our podiatrists can assess your dynamic foot function using video gait analysis and biomechanical assessment and then recommend the most suitable shoe for you.

We work closely with many of the local footwear retailers and often have a presence in their stores. We also offer a fitting service for HOKA shoes.

If you would like our team to recommend specific footwear for your needs, please call us 

Our experienced team of podiatrists conducts comprehensive biomechanical assessments and gait analysis using interactive technology.


Video gait analysis involves your podiatrist taking video footage of you standing, walking, and running (if applicable) and discussing any biomechanical influences which might be contributing to your pain.


We use Siliconcoach,  a leader in video analysis software used for sports coaching/training and analyzing skill techniques and development.


This software allows for comparisons to be made pre/post treatment to clearly indicate any improvements to function.

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