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It is estimated that up to 1.7 million Australians are currently living with Diabetes, however many people are not aware of the effects it can have on our feet. 


If blood sugar levels are high, nerve endings in the feet can be affected (leading to peripheral neuropathy) and circulation to the feet can be reduced.

Annual foot health checks are an important part of managing your diabetes and are recommended by both Diabetes Australia and the Australian Podiatry Association.


During these assessments, your podiatrist will examine the neurological and vascular health of your feet, look at skin and nail condition, and see if there are any changes to foot posture.


We will also assess the suitability of your footwear.

We will communicate with your GP and other health professionals involved in your care to ensure a holistic approach to your diabetes management.

Don’t risk your feet, make an appointment today to keep your feet happy and healthy. 

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